What Our Clients Say About Us


Betty Stafford, South Boston, MA

"I HAVE BEEN WEARING YOUR EARRINGS now for years. I also got them for my 18-year-old granddaughter, plus a 5-year-old granddaughter, plus my one daughter. I cannot wear anything else!"

Carolyn Ryan, Troy, PA

"WHETHER YOU ARE DRESSING AS a professional or going to the grocery store or dressing for a special occasion, jewelry adds a finishing touch. For many years I either went without earrings or suffered through awful reactions. I tried fingernail polish, plastic covers and tape on the backs and posts of earrings I bought. Even those marked 'hypoallergenic' did not work. Finally, I bought Simply Whispers. Simply Whispers are the only kind I wear, and even friends who do not have metal allergies have started buying them, too. Thank you for developing this product."

Cindy Bartlett, Grafton, MA

"FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE (and my ears were pierced 20 years ago) I can wear earrings and not have my ears become irritated. A skeptic by nature, I was overjoyed to find a product that actually lived up to its claim. I have introduced Simply Whispers to my mother, sister, and friends. We'll continue to purchase your wonderful product. Thank you!"


Dara Lyon Neufeldt, Kalamazoo, MI

"I CAN WEAR 10-KARAT or better yellow gold, but gold prices are far higher than they were 20 years ago! When I discovered Simply Whispers, it was like a dream come true! At last, an affordable variety of styles, with no discomfort and no ear infection!"


Debra A. Thedford, Wallace, WV

"SIMPLY WHISPERS ARE SO WONDERFULLY comfortable I forget I have them on! Thank you for giving me back the fun world of worry-free fashion!!"


Jane Matthews, Scranton, PA

"I WANT TO SAY "THANK YOU" for these marvelous earrings. I have spent so much on earrings only to say OUCH!! I've worn the Roman Research earrings almost every day and my ears don't hurt or itch any more! Thank you again for giving me this marvelous gift!"


Janice W Woolley, M.D., Mercer Island, WA

"AFTER YEARS OF STRUGGLING WITH ALLERGIC REACTIONS to other earrings, it has been wonderful to know I can order any style and it will not cause a reaction. I recommend your earrings to my allergic patients."


Joy Clark, Casper, WY

"I LIKE WEARING Simply Whispers earrings because they are so light-you hardly know you have them on! And the metal ones are so shiny, which catches people's eyes and makes them notice the earrings and me! I like being able to have both comfort and elegance in one pair of earrings."


Joyce Shanahan, Joplin, MO

"I AM FINALLY ENJOYING WEARING EARRINGS, and I thank you for a super product-: no pain, no allergy, no irritation, and a great selection of styles and colors."


Kathi Tomecko, R.N., Miami, FL

"I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR JEWELRY. I have a very extreme nickel allergy, and all these years I have had problems even with some 14k gold and sterling silver. I can now wear beautiful, contemporary earrings with absolutely no allergy problems. I wish I had discovered Simply Whispers years ago!'